Visual Design

Stuff I did in Sketch for fun.

Spotify Android App Redesign

For months I had heard my friends complain about Spotify's maze-like navigation on their mobile app. So, in March 2016, I took a stab at making it easier to quickly get from any page, playlist, artist, album, or song to another through a hierarchical slide-out menu and tabbed artist page.  

Spotify Redesign Pt 1 TINYPNG

I also tried creating a more visually engaging artist page and play bar, to help provide an immediate visual frame of reference for where you are on the app at any given time.

Spotify Artist Page Redesign2.0tinypng123

Hyde Woodworking

Did this to pass time on a flight from Chicago to Portland one crisp fall morning. Redesign of a friend's online to store to showcase his products in a more user-friendly way.


Social Media Kills

In my mid-20s, I struggled with depression -- partly from comparing myself to others, wondering why I wasn't living the same, amazing lives as my peers. I made this to draw attention to the too-often-ignored addictiveness and danger presented by many of our favorite apps.

Social Media Kills2

More coming soon!

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